In current times, when you can’t actually see people, I’ve learned empathy is the key for everything, even for art.

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Art has always been revolutionary, the voice of those who are too afraid or obligated to be silenced, and at some point, that was my only way to see it.

This past year, I’ve learned the whole creative process has a lot to do — more than I thought — with listening, and when you have the kind of job I do you interact with so many people and, sometimes, when you get the privilege to gain their trust you…

There’s this poem in Halsey’s poetry collection, it’s about me.

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I guess I’ve always knew I’m a creative soul. When I was little I would give my parents my art — letters, poems, paintings, crafts — as gifts, and they knew. They would tell me how happy those little distorted things made them feel and that was enough for me.

The thing is that while growing up, in my mind, the tiny trauma seed made me believe artistic passions always come from sad stories and I had my experiences to believe so. …

As I’m writing this list, sitting in my thanks-to-COVID-19-at home desk, I’m just thinking ‘‘maan, I’m so young!’’.

I don’t actually know if I’m wise enough to publish things that I’ve learned until today, my 24th birthday, actually, my friends and family will tell you they always have to remind me that I’m just an old soul and I still have a lot to do, accomplish and give.

I’m posting these for myself, as my writing has always been my way to close chapters and open doors to new seasons, and for whoever might need it, since we’re all walking…

Seriously, s t o p.

Call it poetry, work, daily life, mental health, whatever. Since September 2019 I’ve been very focused on getting my shit together, and now I’m back to tell you why is important to just stop, even when you’re comfortable where you are.

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I think the early 20s is the age to make decisions, and change everything, and start again as many times as you need to (of course, that doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to do it in your 30s, or even later in your life).

So last year’s October I decided I was going to…

These are my simple go-to tips learned from writing poetry and speeches to politicians and business people while listening music and reading books.

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‘‘To keep just and only those (words) capable to certainly touch the thinking of men and the intuition of women’’ — Isabel Allende, The Stories of Eva Luna.

I’ve been writing speeches and poetry for almost 10 years now, first as a hobby and now as a job, so I decided to share my five go to tips with you, that way you can also use them either on your artistically writing process or on formal documents.

1. The ‘‘Imagine’’ and ‘‘What if’’ situations:

Why I define myself as a passionate and where it has leaded me.

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As I told you before, I had a hard time during my second year of career in college, but I found passion in other areas, (PR, to be specific, so you see, I should’ve listen to my family and friends haha), that helped me keep going, graduate with good grades and even obtain an award for the Best Investigation Thesis.

I don’t wanna sound too positive or idealistic but the truth is that I’m who I’m today because I do everything with passion as the main ‘ingredient’…

As shame and guilt took over me, my doctor told me something that I would never forget and made me change the negative perspective I had.

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When I was 17 I thought I had everything figure it out. I didn’t.

My life has always been kind of a rollercoaster, but as I grew up and became a control freak I took ‘power’ over my decisions and responsibility over what and who I wanted to be.

Everything started when I decided to study International Relations even tho my whole family told me to choose something ‘‘more like me, and creative, like…

Kat Recarey

I live, learn and write. Internationalist with a publicist mind and a bohemian soul.

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